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In the beginning

Laughlin Insurance

Established in Sept of 2002 


Medicare advantage with Prescription drugs where just getting started back then and people where very confused between the difference between a Supplement and what these new plans offered. Most people had no idea what they where really getting into but wanted to believe it was the greatest thing since slice bread. Many people where deceived back then by non compliant agents who where just trying to make a quick buck and enrolling as many people as possible. There where many obstacles to overcome in the beginning & things would become much more difficult as more training with certifications for each and every product would become a requirement. 

Since the under 65 Market  & Obama care with his ACHA did not exist yet I spent a lot of my early yrs helping people that worked for themselves under 65 find affordable health  insurance coverage  by stacking Major Medical coverage with hospital indemnity plans that covered the high deductibles if a person was to be hospitalized.  Then I would simply add accident for those emergency room visits that would not require that a person be admitted overnight and hospitalized.  No one was able to compete with money I was saving my clients with this method.  By stacking plans I would give them complete coverage filling all the gaps and saving my clients hundreds of $$$ in the end. It truly was the greatest thing I had learned up to that point. I still today have many clients who have kept these  plans in place since they are  grandfathered in & can not be taken away from them. What they have is no longer available because of the ACHA passed in 2010 and enacted 2011.  The passing of the ACHA forced me to become a Medicare Specialist as it took away my ability to help people under 65 like I had been doing.

Everything had to go through Health  A government mandated system. So if a person wanted to enroll in a plan I had to call them on a recorded line with the client in front of me on a 3 way call.  This just made my job more difficult & many times I did not even get paid for the services I was providing as many of these people where just not happy having to disclose all thier personal & financial information with the Government.  Many of the   subsidies where not getting paid. Tons of peoples who thought they had coverage where being dropped. Insurance companies would ask for payments in full & It was a complete train wreck for a lot of people.  This is why I got out of Market place enrollment in 2012


Ever since then I have focused all my attention on Medicare Supplements and Gap plans.  If you ageing into Medicare at 65 with your Part A & B effective dates in place Congratulation!   You now have more options with the ability to get the best coverage you have ever had. 

This would be a great time to call me, a professional at what I do.  (941) 321-5296 I will listen to you & give you the information that helps you determine what your best options are so you will have a clear picture of what is available.  All information you request can be sent  in a PDF via email or delivered with an appointment in person. If you are still unable to make a decision with everything I provide for you at this point.  I am more than happy to make a recommendation based on what you have told me & your unique situation. 

If you already know what you want & just want to enroll into a plan with a local agent not reading from a phone script on a recorded line, then lets keep it local. You will not be gaining any advantage by calling into the insurance company directly. There is no charge to you for my service & it will never effect the price of any of the products or plans you purchase or enroll in. Yes! I do get paid by the insurance company only when a plan has been accepted & approved. Everybody gets paid when you enroll, we might as ell keep it local. Right here in our own state and local community.

My wife and I will never steer someone who clearly knows what they want and has clearly told us that. Our job is to educate anyone who needs it. With a smile on our faces we can gladly say that our retention rate for enrolling people in this business has been about 98% since we care about what happens to people & stand behind the plans & products we share. We want everyone to be happy with decision they have made so they can go on living life  as normal.  If you are ready to enroll with a local agent in your area.  Then its time for us to talk. Give us a call so we can help, We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sincerely Jeff  & Jessica Laughlin

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