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Dental Plans .com

Just click on the link below or copy and paste into your browser. Then when on the page add your zip code to find local plans & Dentist in your area or just enter your local Dentist to see what plan they except. Make sure you mention the referral code in the upper right hand corner to get the discount on available plans. The # is  117014.  These plan do work better than paying a monthly premium with a deductible for the same amount of coverage you will get by using one of  these plans.

Save up to 60

at the Dentist, plus additional savings available on Telemedicine, Vision, Rx and more!

Life insurance 

Seniors this  is serious so listen up please. Thousands of $$$ are given up every year only because people let their term life policies lapse.  Do Not! I repeat do Not!  let your current. Term Life  policy laps. If you are close to 70  yrs in age your premiums are probably getting pretty high.  Did you know that you can legally get a cash settlement for it.  Its worth it to seek out how you can cash out instead of letting it Go.

 If you are Interested in any life insurance  Please let us know.  Term Life, Whole Life. Accident with return of premium, Guaranteed issue whole life plans also known as final expense for people with Medical conditions?  Whatever the need we can do all the work for you.  Just fill out our contact us form with your request and we will be happy to do the research for you.  Once we have gathered all the necessary information to find you the best fit.  We will then be in contact to discuss with you what would be the next best move.  Always keep in mind that these companies are always coming after us with current rates wanting and asking us to offer thier product to our clients. Making our job that much easier.

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Indexed Annuities, Single Premium life 

These are known as Safe money investments with no risk of loss of your hard earned money. This is always a smart choice when it comes to protecting your assets.  Want to know more? Just tell us what you want or what you are looking for and we will do all the research on your behalf to find the best rates being offered at the time of your call. We have many companies calling us daily telling us all about their new product and great rates asking us to contract with them in order to offer their products to our clients.  We don't have to going fishing for great deals. The fish are always coming to us.  Once again this makes our job so much easier. 

Free consultation

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